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Dr. Edgar Medina, Dr. Oscar Valle and the entire Tijuana Fertility Clinic team are committed to building a long-lasting relationship with you — infused with honesty, compassion and respect.

Our high-tech Tijuana Fertility Clinic — is the very definition of endless possibilities.

Becoming Parents through IVF Tijuana:

“Due to my problems with ectopic pregnancy and having one fallopian tube left that was blocked, my only option to conceive a child was through IVF only. I was losing hope and after my first consultation with Dr. Amezquita it gave me a positive feeling that I will have success in conceiving a child.

My husband and I can’t afford to go with the process of IVF in San Diego, CA so I researched a lot of clinics and hospital in Mexico to find out who could help us. Then I found Tijuana Fertility Clinic and from the initial conversation that I had with Gisela (Office Coordinator) by email, she was well-detailed with the pricing and the process of the IVF. She was always quick in responding to all my questions because I worry with my body a lot of times.

Tijuana Fertility Clinic gave us a positive response from the very first conversation that’s what made us decide to choose this clinic. From the clinic staffs, clinic cleanliness through the caring doctor and the caring nurses, we have no regrets going to Tijuana Fertility Clinic to conceive our first child! I’m currently 7 weeks!”

Dr. Amezquita spoke fluent in English and was very knowledgeable when it comes to women reproductive system. He knows more than I do when it comes to women anatomy. Very impressive doctor! The front desk was also very nice and always smiling when we arrive to our appointment. And if we had trouble crossing the border because of traffic, we call the clinic and they were always flexible and understanding since we were traveling from San Diego. We highly recommend Tijuana Fertility Clinic to women who are seeking to do an IVF. We love this clinic and we will go back for our 2nd child later! Thank you to Dr. Amezquita and whole staff of Tijuana Fertility Clinic for helping us conceive our first baby!

-Michelle G.

“My wife and I are so thankful we found TFC!  Prior to working with them, we’d received fertility treatment from two well-known institutions in Southern California, neither of which produced the results we wanted, nor was the service all that great. We decided to take one last shot at having a baby, and noted that TFC had good reviews. Neither of us had every been to Mexico, nor did we speak Spanish, so we weren’t sure what to expect. Here’s what we found:

1. The staff and services at TFC were absolutely outstanding. Our doctor, Dr. Sandra, was compassionate, knowledgeable, and professional. Gisela did excellent work in helping coordinate the entire process. Many of the staff are bilingual, which really helped us. They offered flexible scheduling, and never kept us waiting…they usually saw us early.

2. The services at TFC were state of the art. We received ICSI with assisted hatching, and the procedure was a success! Ultrasound follow-ups were outstanding as well.

3. TFC services were an excellent value, easily 1/3 the price in the US, and twice the service. In the US, we paid $500 for follow-up visits, which felt obscene and exploitative. When we came down to TFC, follow-up visits were $60, and most of the follow-up visits were free once you paid the balance of your procedure. Payment could be made in dollars or pesos, and you can use your credit card (check with your bank though as some charge fees for use in Mexico).

4. Navigating Tijuana wasn’t too challenging. At first visit, we were a bit lost, but by the 2nd or 3rd visit we’d sorted it out nicely. TFC is in a convenient location in Hospital Nova, which is just inside the border.

In summary, I really cannot find enough superlatives to say about TFC. Were I to do it all over again, I wouldn’t even consider going to the well-known institutions in the US. TFC was so much more user-friendly, personable, and professional comparatively speaking. If you’re hesitant about trying them out, don’t be. I’m confident you’ll feel the same as I do, no matter the outcome.

I’ll wrap up with a few tips for folks from the US:

1. If you end up at the major street (I think Paseo de los Heroes) with the traffic circle, do note that it has stoplights throughout. Almost learned that the hard way.

2. Right next to Hospital Nova is the Hidalgo Market. Consider parking there as it costs very little, particularly if you purchase something and the vendor stamps your parking ticket. We absolutely LOVED visiting and trying all the great food…mango with chili and lime, flan, fresh coconut, and delicious asada or fish tacos.

3. Make sure you get a medical fast pass from TFC before you leave. This will allow you to use the medical line, which takes anywhere from 10 minutes to 90 minutes to get across the border. Contrast that with a 3-4 hour wait in the main line.

4. To get into the medical line, you need to get to 2nd street. Take your time and make sure you’re getting into the medical lane on 2nd street. It’s in the middle. If you’re not in a single lane with concrete barriers on both sides of you, then you’ve messed up. If you’re going down Paseo de los Heroes, you’ll end up in the regular line, which will cost you hours.

Enjoy TFC’s excellent service, and stay a little bit for Tijuana’s fun culture. Best of luck!” — Sincerely, L & A

“I wanted to let you know and everyone at the clinic that I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on September 1st. We named him Elijah George, but we call him Eli. After so many years of trying to have a baby he finally arrived. Please tell everyone how incredibly grateful we are and how it would not have happened without the outstanding care of Dra. Orendain and everyone else at the clinic. I’m still in awe that he’s actually here.”  — A&C

Everyone at the clinic where very nice. Thank you Dr. Oscar Valle for responding to our questions promptly, and all staff did too. I would definitely if needed do my next treatment here.”  Warm regards — Joanna Ramos

I had a great experience starting with Dr. Alex Ale, who is always there to answer any of your Questions, Dr. Medina who is an excellent Dr. He Is confident with his skills. Kharla who is always eager to Help, the drivers that pick u up the excellent service You receive is unprecedented even down to people on the Street that would help translate for me when I take a walk down the street to savor their wonderful tasty food. I have never felt Unsafe I have been going to Tijuana for years I just love it. I just had my embryo transfer not sure if I pregnant yet but I am very confident That they did everything within their medical protocol to make it a positive pregnancy I just have to wait to see what happens and they will be there for me if I want to start all over again I love how Ale is invested in her patient she is not only knowledgable , she is compassionate , she listens to her Patients concerns and always eager to find the answer for you I could go on and on when it comes to this clinic.”  Best Wishes — Ginette Venescar

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