Sperm Donation in Tijuana

Sperm donation in Tijuana gives individuals the chance to build a family — and is an extraordinarily generous gift providing by young, elite sperm donors.

IVF Tijuana combined with sperm donation is a treatment options for single women, same-sex couples, couples with severe male factor infertility, or couples where the male partner is a carrier of a genetic defect and does not wish to pass along the trait to the potential offspring.

Tijuana Fertility Clinic has extensive experience working with the prominent Sperm Bank of California. Our proficient fertility specialists will help you through the process and provide detailed information should sperm donation be part of your treatment in Tijuana.

Becoming a Parent through Sperm Donation Tijuana

Donor sperm can be administered by injecting the prepared sperm into the cervical mucus, or directly into the uterine cavity, also known as intrauterine insemination (IUI) or through the process of in vitro fertilization (IVF).

IUI is employed when the male partner has problems with sperm quality or production, or if there is a high risk of passing on a genetic disease. IUI using sperm donation in Tijuana is also an option for single women or same-sex couples.

Collected eggs are taken to the laboratory and placed in culture medium in preparation of fertilization. During IVF Tijuana, prepared sperm and eggs are combined in a dish where fertilization occurs. In ICSI Tijuana, an individual sperm is selected by a highly experienced embryologist, and, under delicate microscopic control, the egg is injected with a single sperm.

Choosing a Sperm Donor

Couples can choose sperm donors by characteristics such as their height, hair color, and family medical history or the less tangible things that define them. You may be inspired by a specific donor after narrowing your choices by artists, athletes, or scientists.

The majority of sperm donors are recruited from superlative universities and provide personal essays and extensive profile Information during the donor recruitment process to help you find the most suitable match.

Sperm donors are between the ages of 19-39, in good health, and enrolled in a 4 year University. Donor sperm is required to be quarantined for 6 months before being made available for the sperm donation program.

All sperm donors are tested for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Hepatitis B and C, Human T-Lymphotropic Virus (HTLV), Syphilis (RPR), CMV, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia. Sperm banks also employ chromosomal testing, psychological screening and genetic testing if a donor is of a specific genetic ancestry before the donor is accepted into the sperm donation program.

Sperm donors are disqualified from participation in the donor program if there is a family history which indicates that his offspring may be at increased risk for a birth defect or known genetic condition.

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