Meet the Team

True to our commitment to you, our entire Reproductive Medicine Institute team, combines excellence and leadership with a strategic implementation of reproductive goals. Meet our team below:

Dr. Edgar Medina Ramos

Dr. Edgar Medina is among the most highly trained, experienced and respected infertility specialists in the world. He has completed extensive hours of training and research in to work with individuals and couples in finding solutions to match their infertility needs.
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Dr. Oscar Valle Virgen

Dr. Oscar Valle works diligently to offer every couple highly individualized and compassionate fertility services. He enjoys his work and the opportunity to explore the complex processes involved in family building processes.
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Dr. Sandra Orendain

Dr. Sandra Orendain has developed specialized skills in all aspects of fertility care including advanced specialized techniques in assisted reproductive technologies. She understands that fertility can be complex and fully understands trhe value in succesful treatment plans.
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Monique Lam

Patient Facilitator for IVF Tijuana

Monique is dedicated to helping you on your family building journey. She is ready to support you throughout your entire fertility process in Tijuana. By combining superior patient services with leading treatments and outcomes, Monique and the entire Reproductive Medicine Institute team have become a world-class model for the fertility industry.