Surrogacy in Tijuana

We wholeheartedly believe that all who desire a family should be able to avail themselves of treatment in a secure and respectful locale.

Surrogacy in Tijuana is forbidden by law. We do not provide any surrogate mother matching services.

Although we do not offer surrogacy programs at our Tijuana Fertility Clinic, couples have the option to bring their own surrogate mother, either using egg donation or the surrogate’s eggs and the male partner’s sperm to build a family.

Our advanced Tijuana Infertility Clinic embraces all couples with a reserved and modified demeanor.

Surrogacy — across the globe couples who have difficulty conceiving may consider using a gestational surrogate. They typically use in vitro fertilization to produce their own embryo, which is then placed in the uterus of the gestational surrogate, who carries the baby until it is born. The couples also have the option of using an egg donation or sperm donation.

Same-Sex Surrogacy Building Families

Further distinguishing the world-renowned opulence of the Tijuana Fertility Clinic is the remarkable devotion to the LGBT community. Our clinic offers an inspiring selection of reproductive treatments to same-sex couples — guiding you every step of this all-inclusive experience.

Encompassed by highly innovative procedures, same-sex couples can experience a pregnancy and become parents in a consummate and heartening locale again couples have the option to bring their own surrogate mother.

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